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Helping seniors

Nellie Brown

Senior Companions - Oakland and Macomb Counties

When Nellie Brown, SCP volunteer of Oakland and Macomb Counties, was asked why she volunteered she stated:
-- "It gives me a chance to help people and also a chance to practice my Christian faith."
--"When you're helping others, your outlook on life is different and you grow and learn from your experiences with other people."
Kaitlyn Cooke, Program Manager at CCSEM Adult Day Center, where Nellie Brown volunteers, stated:
"AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers with the Senior Companion Program, assist us in our daily operations and have such a positive influence on the participants, showing the utmost patience, love, and kindness to everyone at the center. In turn, they create powerful, honest connections that cannot be replicated. They are very much a valued part of our Adult Day family."