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Pat Whitt

Senior Companions - Greenville Area

Patricia Whitt has been in the EightCAP, Inc. Senior Companion Program for 11 years.  Throughout the years, she has helped many senior clients facing minor obstacles by giving them hope and inspiration to remain living independently.  Because of Pat’s selfless act of love and compassion, these individuals discovered that someone did truly care about them. 

One of the biggest accomplishments of Pat’s career was a major obstacle.  Pat’s client, Sue, was diagnosed with cancer and was ready to give up.  Pat realized Sue needed extra help to get her through a very tough battle, and Pat was there providing encouragement every step of the way.

Sue fought this battle for a few months, lost her hair and sadly, lost her hope to carry on.  Pat was not going to let this happen.  When Sue told Pat that she could not do another treatment and was ready to give up, Pat lovingly and jokingly said to Sue, “You will continue this if I have to pull you there by the hair.”  This made Sue laugh because she had no hair and it also reinforced the love and determination Pat had to help her get through this. 

Last October, Sue was deemed cancer free.  Speaking with Sue, with tears in both of our eyes, she strongly stated, “I owe Pat my life.  If it wasn’t for her compassion and concern, I would not be here today.  I absolutely love her and thank you for having such a wonderful program.”