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Rick Fockler

Foster Grandparents - Isabella County

Grandpa Rick
Rick Fockler is an outstanding Foster Grandparent who goes above and beyond to support students’ learning.  With the urging of his supervising teacher, Rachel, Grandpa Rick started a book club where he meets with 3rd and 4th grade students from his assigned classroom twice a week during recess.  The students and Rick share their thoughts and discuss a book that they are all reading on their own. Rick shares his time and passion of reading with the students.  Rachel reports “Grandpa Rick’s Book club is getting students more excited about reading!”
In fact the book club has been so successful that Rick and Rachel are planning to expand it this coming school year. Grandpa Rick will continue to host the book club and it will be offered to students in other classrooms as well.  
Rick builds strong relationships with students listening to them and sharing stories and interest with them. Every single student in the class just adores Grandpa Rick.  It is important to Rick that he work as a team with Rachel and have good communication with her in order to benefit the children. 
Grandpa Rick is a positive role model making a difference in children’s’ lives.