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Creating Friendships


Senior Companions - Kalamazoo

            Lyn came to the Senior Companion Program September of 2016, shortly after her husband died. She was encouraged to apply for the program by a friend who was a Senior Companion at the time. She found it could be a way to stay busy and productive.

            In March of 2018, Lyn was introduced to a new client. At first, her client seemed to be very uptight and every little thing bothered her. She would get worked up over the smallest detail and did not know how to calm herself down.

            After a short period of time, Lyn noticed that her client was starting to progress. She began looking forward to Lyn’s visits and felt as though she was taking control of her emotions. Lyn has been able to teach her how to relax and how to let things happen instead of trying to control them. Lyn’s visits have also given her client the freedom that she lacked before. Lyn takes her to doctor appointments, hair appointments, and grocery shopping.

            Lyn’s case with this client is a textbook example of why the Senior Companion Program is so valuable. Lyn has not only been able to teach her client how to take control of her feelings and emotions but, has also given her an opportunity to go out and do the things she needs to do in order to stay healthy and productive. Lyn has shown her client the positive effects that can come from having a Senior Companion.