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Sharing Friendship

Jim Bailey

Senior Companions - Isabella County

Jim has been a Senior Companion for 4 years and works with many in-home clients in Isabella County.  Jim and his client Frank meet every Friday at the Isabella County Commission on Aging for lunch and bingo.  They share a great sense of humor and the banter between them is very telling of their special relationship.  Frank’s daughter and caregiver, Julie appreciates that Frank can get out with Jim and enjoy time together each week.  Julie expressed her gratitude by stating that Jim “goes above and beyond” as her dad’s Senior Companion. 

Julie also shared that Jim has taken Frank to visit with his past Senior Companion, Dave. Dave no longer volunteers in the program due to a decline in health.  Frank has been able to stay connected with Dave and continue the friendship that they have made over the years thanks to Jim. Jim is very accommodating and flexible, making sure his clients are staying socially connected to their community.  Jim is always willing to step up when he is needed and gives his time and attention to his clients day in and day out.  Jim truly enjoys spending time with his clients and it definitely shows in his positive attitude.  Whether it’s sharing a meal or sharing a laugh, Jim is a pleasure to be around and we are so thankful that he is part of SCP!!!