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Honoring a Positive Mentor

Rita Williams

Foster Grandparents - Saginaw County

One of the best things about being part of the Foster Grandparents is the outpouring of love and support those in the group give to each other.  This past year we lost several of our senior volunteers.  The compassion and caring shared with each other and family was absolutely amazing.   
Our schools support the Foster Grandparents with love and caring too. 
At Sherwood Elementary – a school that lost an active grandparent – the faculty and staff installed a “Buddy Bench” in honor of Grandma Rita Williams. This bench is much more than a brightly painted place to sit.  The children are told that when they are feeling alone, they should sit on the bench.  Other children that notice them there know that the child needs some friendship and will go to them, talk, and ask them to play.  What a wonderful way to celebrate a life lived in service.