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Karl Knauf

Senior Companions - Bellaire, Antrim County

 Karl Knauf: Senior Companion Volunteer. 

He serves 20 hours a week visiting and spending time with lonely seniors at a nursing care facility in Bellaire, Michigan. Almost all of the seniors he visits do not have any family visits. He is their family and friend. Helping to combat the isolation and loneliness of living without companionship. Bringing in the news and activities of the outside community keeping the seniors updated with the community happenings. · He has been serving 20 hours every week at the facility. He said: “I really enjoy it here. I love talking to the clients and hearing their stories. They have so much to share. They are my friends. I love doing fishing with them as well!” He is devoted to our programs and his community. Karl shared that “I try to bring happiness into people’s lives. Some do not have any visitors. I try to bring joy to them.” Also sharing; “I am always working on brining a smile to their face and bringing them some enjoyment to the day.” He truly is serving to help others. He is bringing in positive companionship which can do so much for a person who no longer has their own independence. He is someone who does it all because he cares. We are lucky to call him our volunteer!