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Hazel Sanders

Foster Grandparents - Ypsilanti

Hazel has been in our program for 11 years. She serves at Ford Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti.
“Grandma takes her work very seriously.  She completely immerses herself into the children and their goals.  She patiently and relentlessly helps these children practice.  She works one on one and in small groups with them.  She shows them firm and consistent love.  They truly respect her as anyone would their biological grandparent.  She has folders for each child with their work and goals organized.  She joins them during large group time modeling behavior and calmly redirecting them as needed.  These are “her” children and she supports them completely.  When they go to their specials classes she is constantly busy cleaning, sharpening pencils, etc.  She sets up our bulletin board, files papers, organizes areas needing it, and is always asking “What do you have for me to do?”  She reads with the students and shows all of them love and patience with high expectations. She focuses on her struggling sweeties, but can always be seen helping any child that asks her, in our room or even just walking down the hall. She keeps all of our beautiful plants and flowers healthy.  She offers to help the other grandparents and teachers whenever they need it.  Grandma Hazel is essential to our class. She is the matriarch of Ford Early Learning Center and we all love and respect her immensely.”
                -Ms. Tomaszewski, First Grade