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Delores Habian

Foster Grandparents - Wexford County

            On September 2nd, 1935 Delores Habian was born. She is a hard working woman who got married and raised her children with all her heart and soul. She lives in Mesick, Michigan where she is an active member in her community.

            On October 28th, 2008 Delores joined the Foster Grandparent Program. She has been an integral part of our volunteer program since. Delores has a love of children and had heard about our mentoring program. She has been linked with a school in her community and is known as Grandma Delores there. She volunteers 5 days a week over 7 hours a day. Delores is matched with children identified by the teachers who will greatly benefit from the interaction with her. She helps many children improve and succeed with reading, math, and other studies. Delores volunteers with elementary age and in addition to their academic skills she helps foster their independence and self-esteem. Many children that she interacts with have more difficult home lives or are struggling. Delores helps to give these children a constant support that they can count on, which many children and missing in their lives.         

            Delores is one of the hardest working people I have met. She never says no to helping out a child. The teachers and staff at the schools where she volunteers can always count on her. She really makes the student’s need her priority and gives her all to them. Watching her help a child to learn to read helps you to see her devotion to them. Even in the conversation she has with children she can help to lift their spirits and make them feel at ease.

            Delores is an amazing volunteer who gives her all to this program. She volunteers during the school year as well as summer programs. Delores is a kind and caring individual. She try’s her best at everything she does. She is a strong woman who we are lucky to call our volunteer. She makes a difference in the children’s lives, the school staff, parents, and in fellow volunteers lives as well. She is an asset to our program as well as her community in Wexford county.