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Grandma Julia

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Grandma Julia does an amazing job serving in a Kindergarten classroom in St. Louis.

“Grandma Julia has been a wonderful volunteer in our classroom! She is kind and helpful to both the students and me. She works one on one daily with several of the students that are struggling identifying letters and numbers and writing their name. She helps during station time to answer questions and remind students to stay on task while I am teaching small groups. She helps with breakfast and clean up. We had a student that broke her leg and had to use a wheelchair for a few weeks, and Grandma Julia helped her move through the classroom and get the materials she needed. Now that the student is slowly moving around with a walker, Grandma Julia walks with her to make sure that the excitable classmates do not bump into her. I feel blessed and grateful every day for her kindness and help in the classroom.”—Tina Doughty