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Nora Simon & Donna Hurst

Senior Companions - Mecosta County

EightCAP, Inc. Senior Companions (Mecosta County), Nora Simon (standing left) and Donna Hurst (standing right) spend Friday afternoons providing respite with their clients, Joan (left) and Virginia (right).
This is a special type of respite enjoyed by all of them. The gals enjoy lunch together and then break out the scrabble game to complete their afternoon. What a great way to keep all their minds active while enjoying the competition and company of one another. By the way, the clients are both well into their 90's and are sharp as tacks. If you challenge them to a game of scrabble, you better be really good.
There is so much love between these four that you would think they were family. It is so true, in many instances, how much a relationship develops between a volunteer and client. These gals are a huge testimony to how important volunteering is and what it means to the clients. Volunteering is a win-win situation for the volunteer and client!