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Appreciating Grandma Janice


Foster Grandparents - Ingham, Eaton & Clinton Counties

Volunteer Evaluations are completed annually for volunteers at RSVP of Ingham, Eaton & Clinton Counties and we wanted feedback we received from a volunteer serving in the Waverly School District at Winans Elementary School.
"Grandma Janice does an amazing job with our students and she is such an asset."
When asked what the Teacher likes about the Foster Grandparent Program, "Involving the community with students. Giving Students one-on-one support socially and academically."
The teacher goes on to say, "One of the students would always ask, is Grandma Janice going to be here today? It is the first thing he asks as he walks in the door. He always looks forward to seeing her and his work completion has doubled since working with her".
We love the fact that our volunteers are so appreciated!!